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His first disguise is important!

His first disguise is important!

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Which child does not like to turn into a fantastic character with magical powers? No ! And that's good, disguise helps them grow.

A waking game

  • By manipulating the objects necessary for the preparation of his disguise (hanging a tiara, tie a scarf), or even by himself making the necessary accessories for its transformation (to put pearls, for example, to create a necklace of queen), your child develops his motor skills.

A way to overcome frustrations

  • By playing to be another, your child can project into a world where anything is possible. He identifies with princes with super powers or marvelous princesses.

A dream setting

  • When he disguises himself as his favorite hero, your child pretends that he lives on a ranch or a castle, that he saves the Gentiles from the onslaught of dragons. Short, he gives free rein to his imagination. He is also experimenting with new wordss, describing the situations he imagined: "It looks like I was the strongest, with a magic sword."

A socialization tool

  • When they play with others, the children develop their sociability. Hidden behind a "wolf" or make-up, it's easier for them to hide their shyness to go to others.

Safia Amor

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Create a costume trunk for your child with an old evening dress, heeled shoes that you no longer wear, junk jewelry, a straw hat to his dad. He will be able to draw from it according to his inspiration.