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His immune system under the microscope

His immune system under the microscope

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Unlike other mammals, the newborn human already has a very complete immune system, even if it is not yet fully operational. Of the billions of millions of cells that make up a small piece of man, 1 in 100 is there to defend it!

Immune system: how does it work?

  • A baby is born with a large stock of white blood cells, a large family comprising several sub-families. First, macrophages and polynuclear, brave soldiers capable of absorbing and destroying cells foreign to the body by phagocyting them. If these first-line fighters fail, then enter the battle of other white blood cells.
  • B lymphocytes: as soon as they encounter a bacterium, they start producing antibodies specifically adapted to fight this bacterium and not another. By their side, the T-lymphocytes are real professional killers, raised to destroy any intruder cell that could have passed the first lines of defense.

Weaknesses in the baby

  • During the first months of your baby's life, this well-oiled mechanism has some weaknesses. Macrophages and polynuclear are not yet very active, they still have difficulty moving in the blood and their ability to phagocyte is not developed.
  • T lymphocytes have not quite completed their training and they have to meet enough enemies to be able to get their hands and become effective. B cells, too, lack training to produce antibodies.
  • All of this will return to normal in a matter of months as your child's immune system is solicited.

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