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SOS blanket lost!

SOS blanket lost!

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You have searched everywhere but his blanket is not found! How do you behave in the face of this loss, which often looks like a disaster?

To better live the first separations, your toddler chose what psychologists call "a transitional object", the famous blanket. Through it, your child recreates a link with you. It reassures him and also helps him to grow. Hence the importance of this loss for him.

He lost his blanket but he does not make a drama?

  • All the better and this surprises you. Is this the sign that your child can do without his precious blanket? To find out, a tip: if you find him, let him hang out in the house without saying anything, you'll see how your child reacts. That said, watch it anyway. Perhaps he hides in reserve a more discreet cuddly toy: his thumb that he sucks, the lobe of his ear that he strokes before falling asleep. Remember: the blanket is not always an object.

He lost his blanket and it's a disaster?

Since this loss, your child is inconsolable. It is important to take your grief seriously. Tell him that you understand that his "companion" is missing, but that he is not alone.

  • Take the opportunity to explain that by becoming tall, we always leave his blanket behind him, that it remains a beautiful memory. Tell him that you, too, had one, and take the example of his elders, if any, who also had a blanket and no longer need it today.
  • He keeps crying and claiming his bear or darling blanket? It is likely that the memory - so sorrow - will return in the moments of separation.
  • To help your child, invent a small ritual during these separations and make sure they are done smoothly. In the evening, if you like telling stories, why not invent one in which Doudou will be the hero. And if, in spite of all your attempts to comfort him, your child continues to ask for it, suggest that he go to a shop together and choose another one.

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