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Winter sports, how to protect your child

Winter sports, how to protect your child

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Did you choose winter sports and clean air for your holidays? Good idea ! But how to be sure to protect your child from the cold, the altitude and the sun loaded with ultraviolet light. The advice of the pediatrician.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. The sudden upheaval of his environment can ruin his stay.
  • You. This worries you a little because it's the first time your child goes to the mountains. How will he react to cold and altitude? Is it good for a child of his age?


He is not used to altitude

  • A child over 1 year old can stay at a station between 1500 and 2000 meters. The problem is the speed at which you go up or down. During the ascent, the pressure decreases, it increases on the descent. Rapid pressure changes spoil the eardrums and can cause ear pain.
  • What has to be done. Before leaving, have your doctor check the condition of your child's eardrums. If he has a cold, there is great risk that he suffers from earaches during your trips. The doctor may advise against the stay. If you reach your station by car, stop regularly to drink your child. This will reduce the pressure on his eardrums.

It must be protected from the sun

  • Solar radiation is much higher in the mountains because of the altitude. The higher you climb, the more you receive ultraviolet: + 4% every 300 meters. In addition, on the snow, the reverberation is 40% stronger than on the sand. Also be aware that the cold quickly dries unprotected skin.
  • What has to be done. A cream "special child", with a maximum protection index is necessary for his skin. Renew the applications of the cream according to the indications of the manufacturer, not to mention the small end of his nose. Also protect your eyes with Afnor sunglasses, CE marked, and with the highest protection rating: category 4.

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