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Strabismus, what to do?

Strabismus, what to do?

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His two blue marbles scrutinize you intensely. But you have the distinct impression that they do not both look in the same direction ... To watch closely!

The problem

  • Strabismus affects about 1% of children. It is the first cause of visual acuity loss in children. Instead of enjoying both eyes, he has a dominant eye that manages vision from near and far. The other does not work. If no care is envisaged, the child will gradually neutralize the development of the image of this "lazy" eye. In the long run, he can see only through one eye.

Who disturbs it?

  • You. You are afraid that your child is being mocked by his boyfriends and, above all, that he is no longer seeing correctly.

He has a coquetry in his eye

You have the impression that your child does not have a properly aligned look. One of his eyes seems to fix the images, the other seems slightly deviated. When you shoot with a flash, this feeling is clearly confirmed. In the photo, the eyes do not present a red of the same intensity.

  • What has to be done. Monitoring is required. Because even if this slight defect does not affect the social life of your child, it can however cause a loss or the diminution of the fine vision as well as the relief, which requires a perfect alignment of the eyes.
  • The predisposition to this small visual anomaly is often familial. Maybe your child's aunt or grandfather wears it without embarrassment.

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