Pregnancy follow-up: what you need to know

Pregnancy follow-up: what you need to know

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You and your future baby are the center of the world during these nine months. Midwife, gynecologist, sonographer ... the professionals around you have one goal: to ensure your health and well-being for both of you. Enjoy!

7 pros to follow your pregnancy

Inescapable items such as the gynecologist, the midwife, the sonographer, the anesthesiologist, or even as an option, such as acupuncturists, homeopaths or osteopaths ... we go around medical professionals, who are medically essential or simply for your well-being.

Who to take care of me?

The antenatal consultation on video

Tensioning, weighing, urinalysis, measurement of the uterine height ... so many gestures plus questions to check the progress of the pregnancy. Along with Laurie, we attend one of seven prenatal visits that punctuate these nine months.

I watch the video.

Pregnant: your health journey

Just pregnant? You have surely started to inform yourself about the progress of your pregnancy and the medical appointments that are necessary. Between the gynecologist, the midwife, the obstetrician, the sonographer, the anesthesiologist ... you will see health professionals during your pregnancy! Each visit is to be prepared for maximum benefit.

My appointments.

Midwife or gynecologist, who to choose for pregnancy monitoring?

You are pregnant ! After the first moments of joy, you are already wondering: who will take care of you during these nine months? In fact, everything depends on the structure in which you wish to give birth and also on your state of health.

Midwife or gynecologist: the point.

Pregnancy follow-up: the right rhythm

Pregnant, to which specialist to turn, how is a consultation, why the first is longer? Francine Dauphin, midwife, answers your questions.

I watch the video.

Pregnancy follow-up: your antenatal visits

Seven of these exams punctuate your pregnancy. A combination of technical acts and listening moments, they ensure proper follow-up for your health and that of your baby.

Your appointments each quarter.

The 4th month's interview, another appointment - not medical - to accompany you in your pregnancy. The details with France Dauphin, midwife, in our video.

Ultrasound, instructions for use

Designed to monitor the progress of your pregnancy, ultrasound is also a great appointment with your baby. How it works ? What are each appointments for? What precautions to take? All our articles on ultrasound.

All about echo.

Blood tests of pregnancy

Positive! You radiate happiness at the announcement of your new pregnancy. To ensure that everything goes well for you and your future baby, you will benefit from monitoring your pregnancy including blood tests. Some compulsory and some not! The point with Anna Roy, liberal midwife and half-time attached to the maternity of Bluets in Paris.

How to navigate?

Midwife: all you need to know

The midwife is the specialist in physiological pregnancies. She has a five-year medical university education and can therefore monitor the beginning of your pregnancy until after delivery.

Focus on the midwife.

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