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On the way to school

On the way to school

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Learn to get out. This is the creed of many children for whom school represents the hope of a better life. A strong and moving documentary ... we love it!

The story

  • Jackson, 11, starts his day at 5 am After two hours of epic walking in the savannah of Kenya, he arrives at school. Zahina the Moroccan, Carlos the Argentine and Samuel the Indian also live other journeys, just as incredible and dangerous. The school represents for these four children, isolated from the world, the only way to change lives.

Beautiful landscapes

  • No bus or metro for these students from the end of the world. They travel on horseback, on foot, and even in a wheelchair, to join their classes. We love the wild and incredible landscapes, as if we were there. Small city dwellers will hallucinate!

The hard reality

  • The roads of the school are full of pitfalls, but the children are ready to do anything to access education. We worry when the rusty wheel of Samuel's chair lets go and we shudder when Jackson and his little sister are attacked by a herd of elephants.

A wonderful lesson in life

  • To see for the incredible lesson of humanity, the smiles and the sublime burp of Samuel's little brother. After that, your schoolboy should not be reluctant to work!
  • From 8 years old. 1 h 15. By Pascal Plisson, Walt Disney Pictures France.
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