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Tablet: pay attention to his eyes!

Tablet: pay attention to his eyes!

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Your toddler is lucky to have a touch pad? Here are the rules of caution to protect your eyesight when using it.

Your child is so happy to have a touch pad that he plays there, morning, noon and night? Asnav (National Association for the Improvement of Sight) recalls the rules of vigilance to put in place to protect his eyesight when he uses them.

1) Breaks are important

  • Establish breaks every 20 minutes by forcing your child to change activities. Better, offer him a little stroll to change his ideas. Before 3 years, really limit the time of use and accompany it in his games.

2) We start at the right distance!

  • Watch for the distance between the tablet and your child's eyes. It must be at least 30 cm, regardless of the inclination. Pay attention also to light and reflections.

3) Wear your glasses

  • If your child wears glasses when he has to concentrate, for example at school, he must also wear them when he plays on his tablet.

4) A sight control to be sure

  • Your child complains of headaches or visual fatigue a few days after playing with his tablet? Consult an ophthalmologist to take stock. The vision of a child develops from birth to 6 years, so it is important to have it checked to correct a possible myopia or strabismus.

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