Aunt Hilda

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Love for this aunt Hilda, zany and generous, and who has a hell of a green hand! Faced with her, the dreaded Dolores is ready to do anything to get rich. Aunt Hilda is a film that will - surely - question your child from 6 years on powerful topics: the urgency to respect our planet, but also the human nature crazy or loving.

What is the story ?

  • Aunt Hilda is a plant lover. In her greenhouses, she grows wonderful endangered. In contrast, Dolores, at the head of an agribusiness firm, has a cereal that can, supposedly, feed the entire planet ... Except that this miracle plant destroys everything in its path. Whatever, Dolores will enjoy even more ...

What we think ...

  • It's an engaged movie from Folimage Studios, where it's all about nature. First, the incredibly vibrant nature of flowers and plants that speaks to whoever knows how to listen to it. Hilda pampered her like a little animal ... so maybe she should let her blossom out of the greenhouses. And then there is also the trafficked nature, threatening like an atomic mushroom that devastates everything in its path. Or human nature, that of Hilda, happy where she is, or that of her sister Dolores, a real hurricane on earth ...
  • Watch this smart movie as a family. Admittedly, he has less humor than The prophecy of frogs, less dreamlike than Mia and Migou, the same director. But he has the courage to approach up to child, without silliness and off the beaten track, real problems on the environment, including GMOs.

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