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Thermometer and nose cleaning

Thermometer and nose cleaning

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To take its temperature, yes but with which thermometer? How to do his little nose cleaning when he can not blow his nose? Our advices.

  • The electronic thermometer Rectal (through the anus) has many benefits. It is reliable, the temperature is displayed in a few seconds on a small screen, its flexible plastic tip does not irritate the small buttocks of your baby. And according to its degree of sophistication, it allows to keep in memory the previous takes, which can be useful to trace the history of fever with the doctor.
  • Another possibility: the infrared ear thermometer, also reliable provided it is well known to position it in the ear to aim the eardrum. Big plus point: you can use it without undressing your baby. To avoid absolutely: the frontal strips, much too imprecise.

Nasal hygiene, instructions for use

In a toddler who does not know how to blow his nose alone, you can opt for two blowing strategies to choose from.

  • The famous baby-fly: you suck the secretions by a small pipe. Relatively practical, this solution is not the most effective ...
  • Rinsing with salineby far the best method. Start by laying your baby on your side and give him a good swig - we said a good swig and not a few unfortunate drops! - in the nostril lying at the top. Close his little mouth to force him to blow through his nose - but no, you do not torture him! - and wait for the secretions to come out from both nostrils. Wipe it with a soft tissue. Then turn it over and repeat the operation with the other nostril. There it's finished ! Having a runny nose, it irritates! To relieve it, moisturize its tip of the nose with cream (Homéoplasmine type).

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