Name Jean-Patrick - Meaning of origin

Name Jean-Patrick - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Jean-Patrick is a name composed of the Hebrew word "Yeo Hanan" which means "God gives grace" and Latin "patricius" translating as "noble man".


Jean-Patrick Capdevielle (French author, composer and performer), Jean-Patrick Nazon (French cyclist), Jean-Patrick Gille (French politician), Jean-Patrick Manchette (French writer and screenwriter), Jean-Patrick Abouna Ndzana ( Cameroonian football player) and Jean-Patrick Benes (French screenwriter and director).

His character :

Jean-Patrick is a demanding person. Perfectionist, he never leaves anything to chance and is punctilious to ensure the success of his projects. He is nevertheless understanding and can show great kindness. Very involved in his businesses, he is always ready to take his responsibilities. If he develops his empathy, he can quite become a good leader. Of a natural worker and entrepreneur, Jean-Patrick rarely leaves. He is a person who could be described as severe in his work, but especially demanding when he thinks that a person can do better.

Although a true executioner of hearts, Jean-Patrick is faithful once married and will be actively involved in his family life. For him, there is nothing more precious than the family, its source of inspiration. He is protective of his loved ones and does not hesitate to rush into the pile if he feels they are trying to hurt them.


Juan, John, Patrick, John, Patricio, Patricius and Patrice.

His party :

The first name Jean-Patrick is celebrated on December 27th or March 17th.

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