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All about the bobos of the summer

All about the bobos of the summer

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Explore the garden in all its nooks, discover the pleasures of the beach ... Even under your watchful eye, it is not without risk. From where sometimes some incidents of course.

Bobos of the summer: the heatstroke

When the heat rises, a baby has a hard time adjusting. In this summer period, only one watchword: stay in the shade and give to drink! The advice of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris, to help your little one in case of big heat.

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Heat stroke: the video

The weather is good, the temperature climbs ... how to cool your baby and avoid heat stroke? Follow the video tips of Aurore with her little Capucine, 10 months. It shows you how to cool your toddler to better withstand the heat.

> Prevent heat stroke: video.

Bobos of the summer: dehydration

Due to heat stroke, gastro, fever ... dehydration can be dangerous for your toddler. It's up to you to be very vigilant ... especially in the summer. The advice of Dr. Nathalie Polo, pediatrician in Paris.

I hydrate it.

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Bobos of the summer: insect bites

Mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ticks ... so many small animals that love the summer and tender skin of your little one! Our information and our advice to prevent and cure!

Our advice for the baby.

For older children.

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Nature remedies.

Bobos of summer: jellyfish stings

As last year, jellyfish should accompany your vacation ... The most venomous, pelagic, is already present in the Mediterranean. If your child gets stung, go for the right things!

Good reflexes.

Bobos of the summer: motion sickness

A turn, then two ... In the back of the car, your little passenger suddenly pales, not at ease. What if he suffered from motion sickness? The advice of Dr. Nathalie Polo, pediatrician.

Our advice for a serene trip.

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Nature remedies.

Bobos of summer: ouill a grain of sand!

Playing with sand, a real treat for your baby. But when some grains come to nest in sensitive places (eyes, mouth, buttocks, nose ...), it's not funny at all. Our advice to eliminate these ugly grains of sand.

Ouste, the sand!

What are these buttons?

After one or two days of vacation, your child is covered with small red pimples, mainly on the arms, chest and shoulders ... Is this an allergy? The famous summer lucite is rare in the under 10 years, but not impossible.

1,2,3 buttons ... what is it?

Animal bites: the right gestures

In summer, you like to go green! On the program: lunch on the grass, games in the garden, walks in the countryside. But your need for greenery can sometimes turn into misfortune for children because it has certain dangers, such as animal bites.

Beware of bites!

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