First Name - Meaning and Origin

First Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Arabic origin, Helwan means "sweetness", "charm" or "gift".


No celebrities with the name Helwan at the moment. Who knows, your little angel may be talking about him in the future.

His character :

Helwan is the kind of person you can easily get along with. He rarely wrestles with others and is always conciliatory and agreeable. Attentive to the misfortunes of others, Helwan is the little light that gives others the courage to move forward. One of his goals is to create a harmonious environment in which he can live happily with all those around him.


Elwan, Elwane, Elwane, Helwane, Helwane, Elvan, Elvane, Helwen, Elwen, Arwen, Heulwen, Helen, Helwana, Helwani, Helwat, Helwee, Helweg, Helweh, Helwei, Helwep, Helwhy, Helwin, Melwyn, Helwyn, Helyan, Helianne, Evan, Evane, Ethan.

His party :

No feast decreed for the name Helwan so far.

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