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A sorrow of love at his age, it is possible?

A sorrow of love at his age, it is possible?

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Romantic budding, your child is infatuated (e) comrade ... who does not meet his expectations. So small and already have heart problems? Know how to help him.

One night when you come home from school, your child is sad. Punishment of the mistress, lost blanket? No, he tells you that his lover (s) does not want to marry him when they grow up ... In front of his small mine, you are perplexed. Should we laugh or worry?

A real heartache?

  • Who spoke of love first? He has mentioned more than once this other child of the opposite sex with whom he plays at recess, and the question "Is this your lover?", He surely answered yes. But if the attachment is certainly very strong, talk of love and true heartache may be excessive.
  • He wanted to get married, though. Children play daddy and mom. They promise to get married later and sometimes steal a kiss. But it is above all a game: they live this story in the moment, and if one of them finally refuses to "marry later", it may be the opposite of the next day.
  • The learning of the love parade is accompanied by real emotions. He chuckles, she blushes. He flees, she pursues him, she looks away and he worries.

How to comfort your child after a heartbreak?

  • The best way to help him is to take the time to chat with your child, without trivializing what he is living. He feels unhappy, do not deny his problem. Ask him. The ideal is to ask him questions to allow him to release his emotion. "How do you feel, have you cried, does it hurt you as much as before or a little less?"
  • Above all, let him speak freely and intervene as little as possible. Find the right words. This episode is an opportunity to discuss, if you think it necessary, what love is, to talk about relationships between boys and girls without setting a picture too idyllic or too black.

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