A spoon of syrup?

A spoon of syrup?

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  • Exhausted by sleepless nights, some parents may be tempted to give their recalcitrant sleeper "sleep syrup" time to recover. Behind this appellation seemingly reassuring hides in fact a real sleeping pill with multiple disadvantages. The sleep caused by this hypnotic drug is, in fact, of poor quality: there is a clear decrease in deep slow sleep and paradoxical sleep in favor of a very light sleep, not very restorative on both the physical and psychological levels. In addition, it prevents your child from organizing his sleep in harmonious cycles. In the long run, the remedy is worse than the disease.

All sweet medicines

  • Totally safe, homeopathy may help your child regulate sleep. Consult a specialist to give you the appropriate treatment for the soil and its symptoms. Some drugs are often used:
  • Lachesis 9 CH, if he gets excited all night long, refuses to go to bed and can not fall asleep,
  • Pulsatilla 9 CH, if he demands your presence to fall asleep,
  • Stram, if he's used to nightmares,
  • Chamomilla 9 CH, if he wakes up in the first part of the night,
  • Arsenicum Album 9 CH, if he has multiple awakenings after midnight.
  • You can also try baby herbal teas, often made with orange blossom and lime blossom.

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