A new maternity hospital labeled Baby Friendly Hospital

A new maternity hospital labeled Baby Friendly Hospital

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A more rewarding establishment! The mother-new-born center of the CHRU Jeanne de Flandre of Lille has just received the label "Hospital Friend of Babies" for its action in favor of breastfeeding. France now has 24 registered maternity hospitals.

Marc Pilliot, pediatrician and director of communication of the association IHAB tells us more.

A new maternity hospital has just received the label "Friend of babies", bringing to 24 the number of distinguished establishments on the territory. How do you explain this progression?

  • Marc Pilliot This is due to two things: firstly, the creation in 2002 of the human lactation and breastfeeding university diploma, which means that about 50 health professionals are specifically trained each year. On the other hand, perinatal networks have also invested to train lactation consultants. In the end, it makes the world motivated and likely to drive a project "Friend of babies" in the maternity. Getting this label is not nothing, it represents about 3 years of work, a real implication of the teams and often the questioning of certain practices.

Have the selection criteria changed?

  • M.P: They are always the same, namely the information of pregnant women on the need for proximity of the newborn and the health benefits of breastfeeding, the quality of care and hospitality of the newborn and his family, Respect for the rhythms and needs of the newborn and his mother, and support for mothers, whether they are breastfeeding or feeding. Since September 2011, a new criterion concerns the overall care of the mother and her child, before, during and after birth.

Did you know ?

The "Baby Friendly" distinction is an international concept proposed since 1991 by WHO (World Health Organization) and Unicef. This label certifies quality practices implemented by the care teams. Parents are supported in understanding their child's behavior and gradually gain self-reliance and self-confidence. The caregiver always present accompanies, while guaranteeing medical safety.

 Stéphanie Letellier

Article set to play on October 7, 2015