A thorn, it stings!

A thorn, it stings!

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  • He walks a lot barefoot in summer, he is often in the garden and he is not safe from a nasty thorn. Beware of the alleys of acacias, the beds of roses, the brambles in the woods: their thorns are formidable! The worst thing is that the wounds they leave are barely visible at the moment.

It's serious ?

  • Rest assured, your child is protected against tetanus because he has been vaccinated. Similarly, if you disinfect well at the place of the bite, there is little risk that the infection will set in. But did you really disinfect well?

Remedies on a case by case basis:

  • Look first very closely if the spine is completely gone. A tip that stays deep and it's the infection. If necessary, squeeze the wound a little and take a pre-disinfected tweezers. If you feel that there is something left, go to the pharmacist without delay. He may recommend a tapered forceps and, if necessary, help you remove the spine.
  • Then wash the wound with soap and water.
  • Disinfect with a local antiseptic.
  • Apply a small dressing that you will change regularly during the day.
  • If the wound becomes very red, go to the doctor.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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