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A sardine at the sea

A sardine at the sea

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"Jeanne is four years old and lives in a small green apple house surrounded by a pretty green lawn garden.His favorite hobby is here: talking with Sardine, her beloved goldfish" ...

  • Jeanne is four years old. She lives in a small green apple house surrounded by a pretty green lawn garden. His hobby is here: talk to Sardine, his beloved goldfish, who lives in the tadpole pond under the apple tree.
  • He tells him about the sea, which he has of course already visited, the pinch crabs he met there and the jellyfish with which he traveled.
  • Today is a great day for the whole family, Dad loads the car to leave, guess where? At sea. The problem is that Sardine is not included in the bags. Mom explains that this freshwater fish does not know how to travel and that Celine, the neighbor, will keep her company.
  • Fortunately, Jeanne knows very well that fish can swim by car; She saw Mum bring his friend back to the pet shop. Neither seen nor known, she sneaks into the kitchen, grabs one of the little transparent bags that her parents use to freeze the vegetables and goes to the pond to look for Sardine. The bag closed, she slips it into her suitcase, climbs into the car and already dreams of Sardine in the water.
  • The holiday house is charming: it is a tiny navy house set in front of an opaline sea. Jeanne occupies a room seaweed color and Sardine the bathtub from the bottom of the corridor. But shhh ... do not say it too loud otherwise daddy or mom could hear.

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