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A rattle, good idea!

A rattle, good idea!

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In front of the rattle, all the senses of your baby are on alert! This will develop his vision, his touch. And this smart toy and boyfriend will help him progress in his psychomotricity. Explanations.

  • The rattle already existed in antiquity. His secondary mission was to ward off evil spirits prowling around the cradle. Superstitions have faded in the mists of time ... But the rattle has remained, to the delight of your newborn. Your baby clearly expresses his delight when you shake this toy under his nose.

The rattle, good for the vision

  • By observing your baby, your baby is learning to distinguish contrasts, shapes, colors and boundaries. When he waved it before his eyes, he tried to follow him with his eyes, which allowed him to develop his visual field, which was very limited in the first months. It also arouses its hearing acuity, thanks to the toys equipped with bells.

Touching the rattle is good!

  • The first few weeks, your baby is, of course, unable to grasp the precious rattle His grasp is still "reflex": he closes his hand on everything you slip on his palm, but he is unable to go to meet him. an object that interests him. Be careful also not to let him hold his rattle too early: his movements being the most normal of the world, restless and abrupt, he may well have a good time ... and then hate this toy very aggressive .
  • As soon as your toddler will realize that it is not by chance that this toy is in his fingers, but because his hand wanted to catch it, he will not tire of shaking it to contemplate and hear him tinkle ... Obviously, he will want to carry it to his mouth ... A difficult exercise, but that will teach him to adjust his movements.

How to choose your rattle

  • To help him get through this step successfully, choose a rattle pattern that is neither too big nor too heavy, but with plenty of grips for his little fingers to cling to. And do not you dare to remove the small balls that collide, because it is they who constitute the greater part of your child's interest in this toy.