A nice belly after baby

A nice belly after baby

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Losing her baby bump, not so easy! Throughout pregnancy, the skin of the belly is put to the test: pulled and stretched. After giving birth, she loses her elasticity. Our tips, advice and gym moves to find a nice belly.

How to find a flat stomach and a firm body after the arrival of baby? We think of some tips that we do not expect. Care on the skin, a good sleep, no draconian diets ... And when it comes to the sport, we start smoothly. A bit of walking, some yoga postures, gentle gymnastics, a little swimming would be ideal. Here are our tips!

No draconian regimen

  • A round belly with distended skin is quite normal after childbirth. But for how long ? If for some women, it is easier to regain their figure before pregnancy, for others, it will take more patience and rigor. We do not panic! Surely it will go but slowly and slowly ... But there is nothing wrong with accelerating "a little" things. A flat stomach, toned and firm, we all dream after a childbirth.
  • A nice belly after baby, it is sure that it is paid. But after giving birth, dieting is probably not a good idea. A good diet, healthy and balanced, contributes to a correct intake of elastin and collagen fibers to firm the skin and restore its tone. There is no question of depriving the body of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Vitamins A (especially retinol), B, C and E play essential roles in protecting the skin and maintaining the elasticity and tone of the skin. These vitamins are involved in the manufacture of collagen fibers.
  • On your plate, do not hesitate with eggs, milk, poultry, walnuts and almonds, oily fish, sunflower oil ...
  • Otherwise, we will have to pay attention with the salt, which tends to retain the water; the salt will weaken and release the connective tissues!

A lot of sleep

  • With baby crying, diaper changes, breastfeeding, baby bottles ... it is often difficult to juggle. The best solution: sleep while baby sleeps too!
  • You probably think that it has nothing to do with the silhouette, the belly. But so! Sleep is important to respect a healthy lifestyle; it is true that we nibble less when we are less tired, right? Small naps are needed then!

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