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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 38 keys to boost his language", sold with the December issue of. Today, zoom in on the baby talk.

  • When you are with your baby, spontaneously you express yourself differently, in a way that linguists have called Mamanais, Motherese in English, and that they have extended to the Parentais, since this linguistic register concerns the familiar surroundings of the child, the father, the brothers and sisters, grandparents ... The intonation is more acute, softer, prosody and pronunciation become more melodic, more accentuated.
  • In short, because nature is well done, you do not speak to your child as you would go to a tax inspector! And if it may seem ridiculous and give you the feeling of gagatizing, do not censor yourself, on the contrary, go for it thoroughly. Send the message to his dad: the Mamanais or the Parentais, your little treasure, he adores.

Talking baby, yes but ...

  • If between you and your baby, the language register occupies a significant place on the map of Tender, no need to talk to him in gibberish. Haro on "baby yum-yum?" And "baby popo?" If you want to make sense of what you want to express, prefer "My love Salomé, you're hungry, you want your bottle?" Or "My dear Jules, you're wet, you need me to change your diaper "Talk to him normally, avoiding the catch-all words like" thing, thing or thing "... But without that you address him with a rhetoric of academician! Nothing serious if you allow yourself a little one: "My Sacha darling, you're tired, you want to go to sleep?" What is important is that when she is 8 and she will be tired, your little girl knows that she will have to go to sleep and not to sleep.

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