Uterus: a busy life

Uterus: a busy life

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Small but so accommodating, this muscle is the Uterus is a flexibility and energy unusual to accommodate your baby and also help to be born on the day J. Zoom on this muscle at the crossroads of life .

Before pregnancy: it is "rule"

  • Every month since puberty, the uterus is preparing for the possibility of pregnancy. In the middle of the cycle, after ovulation, estrogen and progesterone activate the development of the lining membrane: the endometrium. the blood vessels multiply ... This membrane is ready to welcome and "feed" a potential host. But if all these preparations were useless, on the 28th day, the mucosa comes off and is expelled ... these are the rules.

During pregnancy: he is one with his host

1st trimester :

  • 7 days after fertilization, the egg is implanted in the uterine lining. A sticky substance, the cervical mucus, is formed in the cervix, a kind of small hermetic cap to eliminate any risk of infection (it will remain in place until delivery). Unlike the cervix, the body of the uterus will undergo many changes: changing shape (triangular, it becomes oval), but also consistency (it softens) and especially volume!

2nd quarter

  • Out of pregnancy, the uterus weighs at most 50 g and is approximately 5 x 6 (at 8) cm. Thanks to progesterone, which increases the elasticity and tone of its fibers, it increases its measurements as it "grows" with your baby. It is the second quarter that its growth rate is maximum. from 10x13 cm at the end of the 3rd month, it goes to 15x25 cm at the end of the 6th. In the long run, it will measure approximately 22x33 cm. As for his weight, he has reached a good kilo.

3rd quarter

  • By increasing volume and progressively rising in the abdomen, the uterus encroaches on its neighbors (lungs, intestines, bladder ...). Hence problems of shortness of breath, constipation and frequent urges to urinate. Sometimes it contracts a few seconds and relaxes. These contractions, normal, gradually bring your baby to rock (95% of cases) head down during the 8th month. A position that allows him to install his limbs in the upper part of the uterus, where he still has a small place to move.

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