Name Joan - Meaning and origin

Name Joan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Joan finds its origin in Hebrew Yohanan which means "God has given grace" or "God forgives". This name is one of many derived from John.


Joan Rivers, whose real name is Joan Alexandra Molinsky, an actress and television host who made her name with "The Tonight Show" and "Joan Rivers Show", Joan Colins, London actress (Dynasty), the Queen of Folk American Joan Baez, American actress Joan Crawford (Johnny Guitar, What happened to Baby Jane?) ...

Joan's patron saint is St. John the Evangelist. Called also "the disciple whom Jesus loved", he was part of the privileged group of the apostles of Jesus. Saint John is the apostle to whom Jesus entrusted his mother during his crucifixion.

His character :

With a strong personality, Joan venerates independence. Pretty indomitable, she does not let herself be manipulated and does not like working under someone's orders. Her major asset: she is deeply involved in the activities she undertakes.


Jean, Yohan, Yoan, Yoann, Joana, Joanna, Johan, Johann, Johanna, Vania.

His party :

Joan is celebrated on December 27th.

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