To live without plastic, it seems possible to you?

To live without plastic, it seems possible to you?

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In nature, on the beaches, at the bottom of the ocean ... The pollution related to plastic waste continues to increase. With simple gestures, everyone can play a role in remedying them.

1) Never without my shopping bag!

  • Since 2016, single-use plastic bags have been banned at the checkout and merchants have also been using them since 2017 for fruits and vegetables, cheese cuts, meat and fish. But globally, the numbers continue to turn heads: according to a recent UN report, 5,000 billion plastic bags are used every year! But their impact on the planet and biodiversity is dramatic.
  • The solution for everyday shopping: cloth bags, tote, basket, backpack ... And not to be caught off guard, slip a reusable bag at the bottom of your bag, just in case.

2) Buy in bulk

  • To limit the packaging, nothing is worth the purchases in bulk, in the market, obviously, but also in the supermarket. For fruits and vegetables, it's pretty simple, as long as you escape the overpacks for avocados or potatoes. For dry fruits and cereals, specialized organic banners have been offering it for a long time, imitated by more and more supermarkets. Nuts, lentils, pistachios ... You find many products that you just need to store in jars at home. As a bonus, you save money because you only buy the quantity you want, without the risk of waste.

3) Toothbrush, we recycle!

  • The brand Bioseptyl offers models of eco-friendly toothbrushes, made in France. When worn, you send it back for recycling using the pre-stamped envelope. The Edith model goes even further: you only replace the worn head with a screw system. Available in four colors. 9,90 €. Another solution: a bamboo toothbrush.

4) No straw, please!

  • From 1 January 2020, plastic cups, cutlery and plates will be prohibited. But not the straws that are found all too often in our fruit juice ... and in nature. According to the association Bas les pailles, which campaigns for their ban, the straws are among the ten most collected garbage on the French coast. In the café, specify that you do not want it when you order. At home, do your children like them? There are models in bamboo, stainless steel or starch.

5) And the bottles of water?

  • Each year, France consumes 9.3 billion liters of bottled water but only half is recycled. You would like to go but the taste of water in the city bother you? There are filters to put directly on the tap. Chlorine embarrass you? Let the water rest in the carafe, it will evaporate naturally.
  • Filter decanters are another solution, provided that you comply with the conditions of use.

6) Reusable gourds for the snack

  • Do your children like small compotes to taste it? Rather than buying these disposable portions, there are reusable water bottles to fill with homemade compote. Practical, eco and better!

7) To go further: Yogurt maker, jug of water ...

  • Want to do more? Invest in a yogurt maker to reduce your consumption of yoghurt pots, prefer eggs in cardboard boxes and in the office, abandon the plastic cups to the coffee machine in favor of an insulated mug or mug.

Stéphanie Letellier for Our Time