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Is there a good age for circumcision?

Is there a good age for circumcision?

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"When can I ask for a circumcision for my baby?" Dr. Aurel Messas, surgeon-urologist, answers Ana's question.

The answer of Dr Urel Messas, surgeon-urologist *

  • Circumcision is an act of removing the foreskin, the small piece of skin that covers the glans, the tip of the penis. There are two types of circumcision. Ritual circumcision is practiced for customary or ethnic or religious reasons. Medical circumcision may be indicated in cases of phimosis.
  • Circumcision is a very common act and some doctors propose to practice circumcision in their office in town, by anesthetizing locally with an ointment (Emla). Or This is a surgical procedure that requires essential conditions of hygiene and asepsis that only an operating room can provide. Not to mention that it is now proven that children feel the pain and remember it. A traumatic memory of pain may be a problem for them in their future lives. It is therefore recommended to practice circumcision in the operating room and under general anesthesia, in a structure (hospital or clinic) that is used to take care of children.
  • Unless medical necessity, to practice circumcision it is better to wait until the child has reached the age of 1 year, when it will be more physiologically mature. In the meantime, if he makes urinary infections or balanitis (infections of the glans) because of phimosis, the pediatrician can put him on treatment antibiotics or corticosteroids. In case of failure, he can refer the child to a surgeon-urologist who will decide whether to operate or not.

* Head of the urology department at the Max Fourestier Hospital (Nanterre) and practitioner at the Alma Clinic (Paris).

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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