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Charter of contributions on Enfant.com

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The site offers its visitors and members the opportunity to publish, share, share information and, in general, participate actively in the life of the community. This charter is intended to remind you of the conditions of use, but also to give you some tips for a better contribution. Take the time to read it!

In general: We remind you that according to the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, a work (book, song, photo, drawing, etc ...) can not be reproduced on the Internet without the author's permission or of his successors (author, publisher, producer ...). For more details, see our Terms of Use.All comment published remains the sole responsibility of its author and his positions are the sole responsibility of him. When a message or photo does not fit the moderation charter, a community member can alert the moderator. The message will then be studied in priority and deleted if necessary in the shortest possible time. You have, at any time, the faculty to withdraw from the site your texts and photographs, either directly in your Space as a member of the community, or by sending a message to webmaster @ indicating as precisely as possible the details of your contribution (date, e-mail address, type of contribution: photo contest, testimony, comment ...).


Exchanges on the forums are moderated a posteriori. The moderator reserves the right to delete without warning any message, photo or video: - A pornographic character, including in particular child pornography and nudity images.- Constituting an incitement to racial hatred, discrimination, violence, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia or revisionism.- Encouraging the commission of crimes and / or misdemeanors or incitement to suicide, the consumption and sale of illicit substances or the subject of a prohibition Legislation.- Susceptible, by its nature, to infringe privacy, respect for the human person and his dignity, equality between women and men and the protection of children and adolescents. - Using the site for advertising or commercial purposes.- Contrary to copyrights.

Some tips for better use

The forums are places of discussion and debate open to all. The exchanges must be done in a spirit of conviviality and understanding. Some recommendations before you start:

  • Make sure your messages or photos are not out of focus. You may receive no response and disrupt the exchanges.
  • Check for any spelling mistakes and avoid as much as possible the abbreviated words, type SMS language, which are not understandable not all. Remember that on the Internet you are not limited to the number of words. So, it's time to express yourself.
  • If you start a discussion, use simple words.
  • Pay attention to the proposals of real meetings. Know that the person behind a nickname is not necessarily the one she claims to be.
  • It is recommended that you do not insert any personal data into your messages (phone, e-mail address, etc.) in order to avoid any malicious use by third parties. Instead, use private messaging to communicate this type of information.


provides you with blogs and photo albums in which you can express yourself and insert your photographs, and you can choose to be open to visitors to the site. Insofar as your photos can thus be accessible to the public, you certify that these photos: - contain nothing that may be contrary to the laws and regulations in force; - are not defamatory and / or do not infringe the privacy of a third party; - are not discriminatory or incite racial, religious or ethnic violence or hatred; - do not include obscene or pedophile content. Any album that does not respect these principles may be removed by the moderator of the site.

Some tips for better use

  • the accepted formats for publishing your photos are: GIF, JPG or JPEG
  • when you upload your photos to your album, you can customize the information that appears: Photo title, description, and keywords, to enhance the presentation of your album and make your photos easily identifiable by viewers (not to mention click the Edit button for each photo to validate your change)


The Photo Contests offered by you allow you to send your best photographs for the purpose of being displayed on the site. The photographs published on the site are subjected to the vote of the Net surfers, the most beautiful of them can be rewarded, and are likely to be published in. If you participate in the photo contest, it is essential that you have the written permission of the person (s) represented on the photographs sent to, and in the case of minor children, the It is also essential that you hold all exploitation rights in the photographs addressed to, either because you are the author or because the author has assigned them to you. For more information, see our Terms of Use. In addition, to the extent that your pictures can be publicly available, you certify that these pictures: - do not contain anything that may be contrary to laws and regulations in force ; - are not defamatory and / or do not infringe the privacy of a third party; - are not discriminatory or incite racial, religious or ethnic violence or hatred; - do not include obscene or pedophile content. Any photo that does not respect these principles will not be validated by the editorial staff.

Some tips for better use

  • the accepted formats for publishing your photos are: GIF, JPG or JPEG
  • when you participate, do not forget to inform your friends and family, to encourage them to vote for you and increase your chances of winning the contest.


offers you to publish your testimonials on various themes proposed by the editorial site. These testimonials are moderated a priori, that is to say that the editorial team chooses to publish (or not) the testimonies sent, depending on whether they are connected with the subject, and that they respect the law as well as the posts published in the forums (see above with link to paragraph Forums). Some testimonials may also be published in. Before contributing, do not forget to read the terms of use of the Testimonials.

Some tips for better use

  • make sure to formulate your story in a simple and clear way, because if you know all the details, the Internet users discover it.
  • avoid mentioning the proper names of the protagonists of your testimony, this is not necessary to make your story interesting.