Name Jovan - Meaning and origin

Name Jovan - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Yugoslav form of John, the name Jovan comes from the Hebrew "yo-hanan" translating as "God is merciful".


Jovan Ducic was a Serbian writer and diplomat.
Jovan Sterija Popovic was one of the most outstanding playwrights of the 19th century Balkans. Also a pedagogue, he was considered the "father of the Serb drama".
Jovan Allen Belcher is an American football player. Linebacker or evolving in the defensive formation, he played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League.
Jovan Perisic is a Serbian folk singer.
Jovan Haye is an American football player playing in defensive line.
Jovan Aćimović is a former Yugoslavian footballer.
Jovan Živanović was a Serbian director.
Jovan Zivlak is a Serbian poet and writer.
Jovan Ukropina is an author and cartoonist of Serbian comics.
Jovan Olafuoye is a professional Canadian football player. He is playing on the offensive line at the Lions level of the Canadian Football League.

His character :

With his mind still awake, Jovan is a real man of action. He is very active and exhausts those who try to follow him. From the outset cold and reserved, Jovan is a very sensitive person. Indeed, he is always looking for tenderness and affection. The family environment is important to him. He appreciates comfort and harmony. The more he feels loved, the more he will give the best of himself. Proud enough, he needs recognition. Moreover, its perfectionist side sometimes makes it very demanding.


Jovany, Jovani, Jovanny, Jowan, Jovanni, Jovann and Johvany.

His party :

The festival dedicated to Jovan is scheduled for December 27.

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