Kélia pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Kélia pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Irish language, the name Kélia means "church" or "chapel".


Kelia Moniz is a professional surfer who also works as a model.
Kelia 60 is the name of the ski boot line created by the Roussignol house.
Kelia Hubbard works as Executive Assistant at the University of North Carolina.
Kelia Le Bihan is one of the new generation of French tennis players.

His character :

Kélia is a bubbly girl who is full of energy. This adventurous soul loves to travel, discover other cultures and meet new people. This character trait manifests itself from childhood and will strengthen with age. Later, unexpectedly, she will tire of her hectic life and seek relational and financial stability.
Realistic and pragmatic, Kélia is not one of those who dream of Prince Charming. She seeks a man whom she will admire for her intelligence and courage, who will accompany and support her in the realization of her dreams of greatness. Independent of nature, Kelia is determined by her freedom and will never be encumbered by the company of a jealous and possessive man.
With boundless ambition, Kelia is made to lead and succeed. Too proud to work under anyone's orders, she will embark on an individual career and then build her own business. Thanks to her intelligence and business acumen, she will reach her goals soon enough. Combining wonderfully kindness and authority, she will make an excellent leader.


Kellia, Kelly, Kai and Kay.

His party :

Kelia and its derivatives are honored on July 8th.

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