Name Lenaïg - Meaning and Origin

Name Lenaïg - Meaning and Origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Lenaïg is a diminutive of Helen. It comes from the Greek word "helê" which means "shine of the sun".


Hélène Carrère d'Encausse is a historian of French origin specialized in the history of Russia.
Hélène Rollès is a French singer and an actress.
Hélène Grimaud is a pianist of French origin, a writer and an enthusiast of ethology.
Hélène Seuzaret is an actress of French origin.
Hélène Grémillon is a French woman of letters.
The Lenaïg are celebrated on the same day as Saint Helena. She was an empress and the mother of Emperor Constantine. After converting to Christianity, she played a large part in spreading the Christian faith. He is also allowed to discover the relics of the Passion of Christ on the site of the Holy Sepulcher.

His character :

Lenaïg is a charming and spontaneous girl. Lively and impulsive, she gets carried away easily for nothing. Detesting all forms of constraints, she swears by independence and freedom. Dynamic and curious, she does not appreciate monotony and routine. Constantly looking for adventure and change, she does not hesitate to indulge in extreme activities in defiance of all danger.

Lenaïg has all the characteristics of a boy: energy, dynamism and a touch of egocentrism. However, this does not prevent him from showing a certain talent of seduction. Always wishing to be first in all areas, she is unable to be patient. For her, it is not time that defines experience, but personal talent. Cheeky and opportunistic, Lenaïg has a high opinion of herself. Often unstable, she can be aggressive when you upset her plans or when she does not get what she wants.



His party :

The Lenaïg are celebrated on August 18th.

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